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I have a playful but challenging coaching style which is designed to help you deal with your roadblocks, connect with what’s really important to you and to develop new skills.

Coaching is a great way for you to discover new possibilities, fresh perspectives and resources within yourself.  It does involve talking but I am action-oriented so I will encourage you to identify next steps and to learn by doing.  Learning generates vital feedback which combined with coaching enables you to:

  • gain new perspectives on yourself and your situation
  • achieve further clarity around your goals and priorities
  • make career decisions based on a clear sense of your values and motivations
  • develop the skills and confidence to take action
  • move outside your comfort zone
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“The secret of your future is found in your daily routine. You will never change your life until you change something that you do daily”. Mike Murdock

The pressure of deadlines, difficult working relationships and exhaustion can stop you from taking stock of where you are and working out where you really want to be.

Perhaps you have lost touch with what is truly important to you. You are finding it difficult to make a decision; perhaps whether or to start a business, take a promotion, move house etc.




Some of my clients’ experiences

You really have played a key role in me obtaining my new job. I knew my previous role was not the right one for me but you helped to identify what I required from a job to be fulfilled, what motivates me. Your assistance with interview preparation and technique was brilliant and allowed me to feel calm and confident for my interview. I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement you have given me.
C.M.Calm and confident
Overall, I found the process very helpful, supportive and insightful. When I first came to you, I knew partly what I didn’t want from a job/career, but was unclear on what I did want. The sessions provided a platform to discuss my thoughts, ideas and jumbled views in a supportive, professional and totally confidential environment. I was at ease from the first few minutes and knew I could talk in total confidence and trust.
A.B.RA supportive and insightful process
I came away feeling more positive ‘about me’ and it did give me the confidence to search for other opportunities. It also reaffirmed what I thought I knew about myself to be true.
A.M.Feeling more positive
Shirley's professional and caring approach was different to other coaches I had come across. She gave me the time to unravel what was going on for me. Her questions helped me discover what was really important for me to move forward on, which could have easily disappeared at the bottom of the to-do list. With a clear plan of how it was possible for me to achieve my goal, without feeling overwhelmed, I felt passionate about my book rather than it was a chore. Her suggestions were really helpful and so nice that I didn’t have to find all the answers for myself. Her insight into my patterns and behaviour were really helpful for me to understand why am behaving the way I am, and therefore what I can do to change it. Her summary of the session was very useful for me to look back on to make sure I am still on track. Thank you Shirley for helping me take the right next step.
J.N.Taking the right next step
I had an insightful session with Shirley following my DISC profile. Shirley has provided me with the knowledge and information to discover who are my ideal clients for both my businesses so that I can focus specifically on those individuals that I enjoy working with and who would benefit the most from my own expertise. I would recommend going through this process with Shirley to really focus your mind on how to grow your business with the right people. Thank you Shirley.
R.F.Helping me identify my ideal clients
I needed a kickstart to help me move forward with a second business, which had been languishing for a little while. In a couple of sessions, Shirley helped me to find some focus and unblock some of the barriers which had been holding me back. She helped me work on improving my confidence as well as making some key business decisions. Her insightful approach was of great benefit and I would definitely recommend her if need help getting unstuck in your career or business
T.P.Unblocking barriers and improving confidence


Outcomes for some of my clients

Business Planning

A highly creative…

Work/Life Balance

The client saw…

Time to move on?

The client was…

Career Planning

The client was…


£450/5 sessions
90 Day programme
  • 121 Coaching
  • Pay as you go also available
  • In person coaching
  • Skype or phone coaching
  • Pay as you go also available
  • Interim and on-going check-ins
£300 /workshop
One-off “intensive”
  • an "off-site" all about you
  • 3 hour session
  • subsequent coaching at discounted rates
Psychometric profiling
  • Individual profiling
  • Team Building
  • Work / Managers / Sales
  • Follow up 121 coaching available
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A complimentary meeting provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and see how we can work together.

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I understand how busy life can be so I’m happy to work together to fit within your schedule.

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is very important to me therefore a coaching contract is always signed at the outset.

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