Shirley Hensher - The Change Agent

How can I help you?

You found my website, so you’ve already decided that you want to change how you work or change how you live.  Now you need to decide if I am the person to help you achieve that.

Can we work together?

I’ve had a variety of work roles – good, bad and (sometimes) ugly – and my career has been peppered with decisions great, poor, and slow. I’ve worked in teams, run teams and built teams; I worked in full-time employment and freelanced. I am now in my third career, running my own business.

Having benefitted from coaching when in a full time career, I decided to enable others to experience the effects of coaching on their lives.  Coaching gave me confidence in myself and my skills, and the courage to take action and end my procrastination.  What could my coaching do for you?


Change and personal development are strong themes in my working life and it is fair to say that I have a bias for coaching in these areas. However, coaching is just a structured conversation which helps people to gain insight, fresh perspectives, and to take action. The subject matter is secondary and so I can find myself working in other areas such as health and fitness goals, confidence and anxiety.


I remain committed to my personal development and having trained in coaching with the UK College of Personal Development, I have just completed my practical training there as an NLP Practitioner. I am also qualified in EverythingDiSC® which is a great psychometric profiling tool for individuals, team building, management skills training gives participants insight into their workplace behaviours and how they impact others.

I am proof that it is never too late to change; to do things differently and learn new skills.  If you’d like to talk to me about how you can benefit from coaching, call me for a no obligation introduction coaching session.

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