If you are unhappy with your work, let me help you do something about it.  Unhappy with:  

  • Your rate of progress and your results?
  • Not making enough of your potential and capabilities?
  • The quality of your working relationships?
  • How much you get done in a day and the quality of that work?
  • Your career direction or lack thereof?
  • Feeling stuck or unable to take action?
  • The way that running your own business seems to be running you into the ground?

Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined”. – Johnny Carson

When we are happy at work, we can bring our best selves to it.  We have more resilience and presence, creativity and flexibility, time for ourselves and others at home and work.  We are more effective leaders and team mates.  Unfortunately, most of us are just ploughing on; over thinking, over reacting and overworking ourselves.  This reflects on our family life and our results at work.  Why do we go on like that?  Because:

“You can’t see the label from the inside of the jar”

This is where I come in.  Change can be tricky.  It’s a step into the unknown. However modest or obvious they are, solutions and possibilities are difficult to spot when you are in the thick of it.  Even when we know what to do, we don’t always know how or feel able to make the move.  I am here to give you:

Clarity:  on what’s going on where you are right now , what you really want from working life and what’s stopped you until now.

Courage:  to make the changes necessary in your thoughts, beliefs and actions; to get out of your own way.

Commitment: to keep going, learning from your experiences, celebrating your successes and growing in confidence and build momentum.

So you can be your way to a happier, more meaningful and productive working life that fits with your strengths, values and and goals for life.

“Shirley is an excellent coach, not least because she is one of the most insightful people I have ever met.”


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The Power Hour

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The Flexible Package

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The Entrepreneur Package

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Our conversations generally take place via Zoom videoconference, Facetime or phone. Face to face conversations are available, especially to clients in the Bournemouth area.  I am happy to travel further afield subject to travel expenses which would be agreed upfront with you and which you would reimburse.


“Warm, charming and honest, Shirley is a truly lovely person to work with. The help she offers is worth every penny.”

You played a key role in me obtaining my new job. I knew my previous role was not the right one for me but you helped to identify what I required from a job to be fulfilled, what motivates me. Your assistance with interview preparation and technique was brilliant and allowed me to feel calm and confident for my interview. I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement you have given me.
C.M. St. AlbansCareer direction
Overall, I found the process very helpful, supportive and insightful. When I first came to you, I knew partly what I didn’t want from a job/career, but was unclear on what I did want. The sessions provided a platform to discuss my thoughts, ideas and jumbled views in a supportive, professional and totally confidential environment. I was at ease from the first few minutes and knew I could talk in total confidence and trust.
A.B.R SwindonA new direction
Shirley's professional and caring approach was different to other coaches I had come across. She gave me the time to unravel what was going on for me. Her questions helped me discover what was really important for me to move forward on, which could have easily disappeared at the bottom of the to-do list. Her insight into my patterns and behaviour were really helpful for me to understand why am behaving the way I am, and therefore what I can do to change it. Thank you Shirley for helping me take the right next step.
J.N. SwindonFocus and prioritisation
I needed a kickstart to help me move forward with a second business, which had been languishing for a little while. In a couple of sessions, Shirley helped me to find some focus and unblock some of the barriers which had been holding me back. She helped me work on improving my confidence as well as making some key business decisions. Her insightful approach was of great benefit and I would definitely recommend her if need help getting unstuck in your career or business
T.P. SwindonBusiness direction and performance
"Shirley is an intelligent and thoughtful professional coach. She's inquisitive and rather than taking a standard "top down" / standard questions approach, her methods are more engaging and collaborative. Shirley has a substantial corporate experience which provides her with the informed platform to engage constructively and develop a deep relationship with her clients. I recommend her!"
P.R. LondonCareer Performance
Requiring a new challenge but unsure what it should be and even in what direction I should be heading, Shirley proved to be the perfect coach to help with the next steps. Her listening, understanding and collaborative approach and knowledge opened my eyes to the possibilities there are for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Shirley for any career or business advice you may require. You will not be disappointed.
D.C. SurreyCareer direction and possibilities


“A wise man changes before he has to” – George Raveling

Starting a business is personal

Making working life…

Redundancy does not mean more sofa time

Motivation and accountability

A client after…

Success requires taking a step back

Maintaining focus with…

Career Planning

Ready for the…


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