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Courage and accountability are essential to developing a head for business


Shirley Hensher

I spent half my life in the corporate world firstly as a full time employee and then as a freelance project manager. I worked in highly demanding environments often with a highly commercial or strategic focus.  Now I coach corporate professionals and business owners to develop their head for business; to shape a working life which works for them and most importantly, to have the courage and accountability to meet the demands of running of a business.



My background

I have worked in a number of financial services institutions, with very different cultures, in roles covering strategy and planning, financial management, capital and risk management.  Having started working life in economic consultancy I spent 15 years at Nationwide Building Society.  I then summoned up the courage to leave the relative comfort of full-time employment to become a freelance project manager.  After 10 years in contracting, I answered a long-held, but often ignored, call to coaching.

In addition to helping corporate professionals become more effective, less stressed and more motivated in their current role and design career paths which better fit with their values, personality and aspirations,  I support entrepreneurs who like me have left corporate life and need to adjust their mind set if they are to thrive.   This is because my own experience in my coaching business has shown that we can never truly make a success of change in our working lives if we don’t adapt our sense of who we are, what we do and how we do it.   I had months of frustration and loneliness before I found the courage to develop a new sense of identity and sought the accountability of coaches and my network to keep me motivated and get me out of the ivory tower of a home office.   Most importantly, I developed my own style – my own identity – which enables me to ignore all “get rich quick” schemes out there and do what feels right for me, my clients and the type of coaching business I want to run.  These lessons are just as important to the career professional who has lost their sense of direction.

I have a playful but challenging style designed to help you overcome your roadblocks, see your situation from a fresh perspective, connect with what’s really important to you…and ultimately, take action!  Find out about how we can work together by contacting me for a free Kick Start conversation.  Call 07990 514537