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Courage and accountability are essential to business succcess

You’ve already decided that you want better results from your new business.  Now you need to decide if I am the person to help you.

Starting my coaching business has been my biggest challenge

I’ve had a variety of work roles – good, bad and (sometimes) ugly – and my career has been peppered with decisions great, poor, and slow. I’ve worked in teams, run teams and built teams; I worked in full-time employment and freelanced in demanding, results oriented roles.  It has been a career of change and learning.  I am now running my own business, as my own boss, entirely able to decide what to do and how to do it.  So this has been the biggest challenge.  I am free to follow my passion of helping others to realise their potential, which is great, but I didn’t realise that starting a business from scratch is so much more than that!

Courage and accountability are essential ingredients in your business success

Adjusting to working from home and not having the banter and support of colleagues, negotiating the HMRC website and business finances, writing copy and becoming a social media expert etc. etc.  These can make the world of the FTE look very attractive!  But I have kept going.  I found the courage to develop a new sense of identity and sought the accountability of coaches and my network to keep me motivated and get me out and about.   Most importantly, I developed my own style – my own identity – which enables me to ignore all “get rich quick” schemes out there and do what feels right for me, my clients and the type of business I want to run.

Informed by my experiences and those of clients and fellow business owners, I have developed a 5 step programme which can help you develop the resilience and identity necessary to maximise business results in a way which works for you.  I help you develop the courage to explore what is holding you back and see your situation through fresh eyes.  I provide the accountability which will motivate you to take action.

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