flip flops

A cure for the summertime blues

Time to hang up the flip flops and get back to work after that well earned and much longed for break.  How are you feeling?  Energised and raring to go or desperate to rush back to your lounger?  If its … Read More

Love your work: tips from the world of romance

Ever since I was in my early teens, I’ve had a very clear picture in my mind of my ideal man.  He is tall, dark and handsome.  He is clean shaven with twinkly eyes.  In fact, he was Captain Scarlet.  … Read More

post-holiday blues?

The post-holiday blues

So you’re back to work after a well-earned and much longed for summer holiday.  How are you feeling? Energised and raring to go? Longing to rush back to your lounger? If you are finding it difficult to get back into … Read More

Step off the hamster wheel

It is your hamster wheel so jump off any time

  Recently, I was featured alongside my husband, Ian Locke, in a Wiltshire Business article focussing on our independent separations from corporate life to run coaching businesses; me business life coaching and Ian personal training and nutrition. The headline was, … Read More

Your past self – the key to your future success?

Our plans can feel daunting and ambitious. They may feel beyond us but if we look to our past achievements (and setbacks) there are clues as to what we need to do or believe in order to succeed. Sometimes we … Read More

Handling redundancy: some tips

For some people, redundancy is a relief.  It is the kick up the bum they were looking for, a enforced break and the chance to go in a different direction.  But if you didn’t see it coming, and you weren’t … Read More

A woman is stuck inside a bottle

Why I coach

Setting up my own coaching business was a long-held ambition of mine which I finally realised in the last year. Why did it take so long? … Read More

career coaching

Avoid these eight mistakes by working with a career coach

When it comes to your career, what can a coach do for you? After all, you’ve got this far on your own and you’ve done pretty well. Right? … Read More