picture of a library

Shelf development – going beyond the book

Reading is a great way to learn and improve but are you getting the most from your reading? I know I wasn’t. Here are some tips to help you get more out of every book and one idea which could really make a difference. … Read More

Comfort zone expanding for a laugh

My last blog talked about the comfort of knowing who you are and how you can make better decisions when you have a strong sense of self. https://www.thechangeagent.me/when-comfortable-is-a-good-thing/  I talked about how being comfortable with who you are is important … Read More

My view of a Ferrari coming into the casino bend. The driver is not letting go.

Letting go: How F1 showed me I don’t need to be in the driving seat any more

I am a planner.  I think ahead, anticipate, organise and schedule. I write to do lists. I am not known for letting go of control or “going with the flow”.  Consequently, I don’t handle last minute changes, interruptions to my timetable, or … Read More