I am Shirley - The Change Agent

Challenging you with humour and humanity so you get results

I’m working on purpose and it is the key to business success


My working life

I was a corporate professional for 25 years working mainly in highly demanding retail financial services environments often with a highly commercial or strategic focus.  Now I have my own coaching business and help corporate professionals and business owners to shape a working life which works for them.

I have worked in a number of financial services institutions, with very different cultures, in roles covering strategy and planning, financial management, capital and risk management.  I started my working life in economic consultancy and then spent 15 years at Nationwide Building Society.  Recognising that I had got too comfortable, I left the relative comfort and certainty of full-time employment to become a freelance project manager.  I loved the variety and challenge of living by my wits but after 10 years in contracting, I answered a long-held call to coaching.

A big motivator for what I do is seeing people achieve their goals and being a part of their success story.

Drawing on my corporate experiences I help corporate professionals become more effective, less stressed and more motivated in their current role and to design career paths which align to their values, personality and aspirations.

I also support business owners who often need help to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  Many of my clients have left corporate life to start afresh but they have yet to leave the corporate mindset behind.  I learned after months of frustration and loneliness that I needed a new identity – that of a business person not “a former…” or a “used to be but now I am…”.  It was tough but I have developed my own style which helps me focus on doing what feels right for me, my clients and the type of coaching business I want to run.  After all, it is my business and my purpose.  No one else’s.


sense of self - on it or off itMy motivation

We invest so much of our time earning a living to provide for ourselves and those we care about that we owe it to ourselves and others to maximise the return on that investment.



We know how good work can be when:

  • we have a keen sense of purpose
  • our work is aligned to our values and aspirations and is taking us towards our goals
  • we are valued for our skills and talents and we get to use them to their fullest
  • we have fun at work and have great, energising working relationships

“Without work, all life goes rotten. But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies”. – Albert Camus

Connecting our work with who we are and what’s important to us means that motivation and focus are no longer an issue.  We are more energised and resilient in the face of set backs. Without that connection we can:

  • start wondering what it’s all for
  • lose all sense of possibility and direction
  • find it difficult to connect reward with our efforts
  • become distracted and despondent
  • lose energy and interest in work, home and having fun
  • leave our best self at home

Do you recognise these symptoms?  I think I have experienced all of them at one time or another and I would much rather be working on purpose!  I want my best self with me so I can get the most out of my working day.


My coaching style

I am playful and challenging.  My approach is designed to help you overcome your roadblocks, see your situation afresh, connect with what’s really important to you.  I can be provocative and cheeky but it is for good reasons and always appropriate.  I am flexible; sometimes we need to go deep and explore beliefs and thought patterns, other times a “walk and talk” will do the job or some serious whiteboard based action planning is called for.


Ultimately, I help you develop the courage to take action and keep at it so you see results!  I have no fixed approach but call on a range of models and tools depending on your needs.

Let’s talk and you can decide whether or not I am the coach for you.  A clarity coaching call is free.  Call 07990 514537