I am Shirley - The Change Agent

my story


So, what do I know about change? Well, I’ve faced plenty of challenges in a variety of roles. My career has featured the good, the bad and (sometimes) very ugly. The chances are that whatever you’re going through at work, I’ve been there too (and probably more than once!).

I started my career in economic consultancy and then spent 15 years in a highly demanding retail financial services environment covering everything from strategy and planning, financial management, capital and risk management and team leadership. Recognising that I was getting too comfortable, and unsure of what it was all for, I left and become a freelance project manager.  This was a stop gap which lasted 10 years!  I loved the variety and challenge but eventually I took the plunge and answered a long-held ambition to become a coach.

I thought running my own coaching business would be easy. I was living my dream, wasn’t I? But after months of frustration and loneliness I realised that changing career really doesn’t work if you still see yourself in exactly the same way.  In much the same way as with any role change, you have to show up in the world differently.  I needed to see myself not as a coach but as the owner of a coaching business.  It’s tough but I am evolving my own style which keeps me focused on my values and what feels right for me, my clients and the type of coaching company I want to run.  After all, it is my business and my purpose.  No one else’s.  Just like your working life and definition of success belongs to you.

“Approachable, personable, knowledgeable and highly professional”

And now things have changed again. I’ve achieved another goal by downsizing and moving to Bournemouth. I love living (and running) by the sea but now I have to build a whole new network. This time I know who I am and I’m equipped with the tools and techniques to make it work.

I’m also stepping up as a leader by managing a networking group and collaborating with new start-ups. My next goal is to use all my senior corporate experience and coaching expertise to help companies at board level.

What’s next for you?  If you’re ready to make some changes in your working life, give me a call. 

My coaching style 

I am playful and challenging.  My approach is designed to help you overcome your roadblocks, see your situation with fresh perspective and  connect with what’s really important to you.  

“Shirley is an intelligent and thoughtful coach. She’s inquisitive, engaging and collaborative.”

I can be provocative and cheeky but it is for good reasons and always appropriate.  I am flexible; sometimes we need to go deep and explore beliefs and thought patterns, other times a “walk and talk” will do the job or some serious whiteboard based action planning is called for. 

Ultimately, I help you develop the courage to take action and keep at it so you see results!  Let’s talk and you can decide whether or not I am the coach for you.  A chemistry call is free.  Call 07990 514537