Success brings its own challenges

Maintaining focus with two growing businesses

A highly creative and energetic client with two very different, well established businesses wanted help organising all the ideas she had for them so she could set some priorities.  She needed focus!  Both businesses needed attention but without a plan of action, she was finding it difficult to prioritise and both were in danger of neglect.

I encouraged her to focus on what she was most passionate about as this would give her most relief. We then built a time plan for her to track her progress over the year which we now track.

My client was relieved to have a picture of what she would do, and when, and to have all her ideas down on paper and organised. Plus, she had permission to focus on the business which she felt allowed her to be most creative.  She was hugely motivated to follow the plan and because she had permitted creative time on one business, she found herself motivated to do the “must do” items on her other business! She is well ahead of plan, energised, and both businesses are getting the attention they need.

Stepping back from the day to day

A scale-up entrepreneur was so emotionally involved in the day to day operations that his plans to grow the business had stalled. With my support, he is learning to stand back and put procedures and policies in place to support the team with a clear structure to work to.   For the next phase of business growth it is essential that he has the time and energy to develop a leadership role and spend more time outside of the business to promote it and reach and new markets.  He work with me has helped him to develop a model of leadership which fits with him and the needs of his business so their “family” culture is preserved but they can still get results.

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