The challenges of setting up on your own

Finding work/life balance by starting up on your own

This client saw redundancy from a corporate role as the impetus he needed to start working in a way which would give him the freedom to spend more time with his family.  Work/life balance was becoming increasingly important to him.  He had been thinking about this for some time but didn’t have a plan of action and didn’t know what a new way of working could look like.

Coaching helped him realise his “career anchors” and identified the elements of his work that he particularly enjoyed and was skilled at. These gave him pointers to the type of work he could do and the working arrangements to aim for. He now had a checklist against which he could evaluate potential options. I provided much needed structure to his thought process and a sounding board against which to bounce off ideas and organise thoughts.

In addition, to working out how he liked to work, he explored his areas of interest and subject matter expertise and identified an area which would build on his experience.  More importantly, it was a subject he was happy to invest in learning much more about so that he could set up on his own.

The client now has a successful consultancy business but has managed to limit his working days in line with his lifestyle plans. He continues to refer to his values and motivations to help him evaluate the opportunities which come his way.

Fear of success and overwhelm

We inadvertently sabotage the prospects of business success by fearing the consequences of that success; overwhelm, burn-out, loss of work life balance, having to deliver to your promises, living outside your current comfort zone etc.  Combined with a lack of belief and a practical dilemma over target market and that’s a recipe for stalemate.   Success isn’t something you have to worry about!

My client was struggling to launch his second business in a new sector he was unfamiliar with due to lack of self belief and fear of overwhelm. With my help, he developed such confidence in himself and his business idea that he was able to put himself at the centre of its marketing strategy and start promoting his business.

He also had a dilemma over his niche. By connecting him to his own interests and values, he was able to define his target market. With his niche identified, he could decide on which of 4 versions of the draft logo to approve at the printers, the products to target at an upcoming trade show, and how to pitch his business at networking meetings that very week.

Since working with me, my client has become more confident in promoting their business and developing the brand in a consistent and authentic way.  They have clarity and direction which will enable them to engage the right market and find the right suppliers for their customers’ needs.



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