The Reboot

A 90 day programme of 6 sessions*

  • Exploration and learning – working through the “3Cs” of clarity, courage and commitment
  • Full support (“concierge”) between sessions via phone and email as needed to maintain momentum

Ideal for role change or business scale-up where direction, approach and potential blockages are not immediately obvious.  You will get:

  • fresh perspective on where you are now and options for the future
  • the courage and accountability to develop and implement new strategies
  • an action plan for the future
  • opportunities to try something new and reflect on the results and learning
  • a sounding board to bounce ideas around with without having to wait for a diarised session.

This is not a regimented programme, as it is tailored to your needs., but I have a framework to ensure you get from where you are to where you want be within your time frame.

£695.  Further coaching is available on an ad hoc basis.

*or as frequently as appropriate so long as momentum is maintained

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