Career Planning

Ready for the next step but where to go?

A client was recently qualified in her choice of profession but wasn’t sure that her employer was right for her and her values. She was keen to progress and wanted support in deciding where to go next.  Like a lot of graduates who take on a professional qualification, it was only once the training period and associated career path completed that she had to take responsibility for her career.

Through my help we clarified that the profession was right for her but confirmed that the organisational culture didn’t fit with her motivators and values.  She identified ideal employers and when a role came up at one of them, we worked on the application and then rehearsed the competence-based interview thoroughly.  She got the job and has since moved on to another, bigger role that she couldn’t have got without that first move.


Frustration and uncertainty

My client was unhappy at work and wondered if it was time to move on.  She was temporarily acting up to a more senior role but wasn’t sure if it would be made permanent or if she wanted it to be.  Great at developing her team and seeing them move on, she didn’t feel she was getting the same support from her own manager.  She was frustrated and uncertain.

I explored and challenged her current work relationships and behaviours as I thought they may be hindering her progress.  We worked on identifying strategies to help her manage her manager so that she could better show her capabilities and regain lost confidence. We then created a personal development plan, effectively a brief for a new manager or a mentor, which would help her manage career discussions and specify the support she needed.  This enabled my client to separate short term frustrations associated with the current situation from the fundamentals of the job which she still loved. Alternative career options were considered and explored but not considered relevant now.

My client was made permanent in her more senior role; happier and motivated. Plus she is now “managing” a new manager who gives her the much needed development support she was lacking before.  Her next move will now be for the right reasons; not moving away from frustration but moving to a next step with positive reasons

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