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Setting up my own coaching business was a long-held ambition of mine which I finally realised last year.  Why did it take so long?  Well, like most people contemplating a new direction, I had the shall I/shan’t I, am I good enough? etc. debates going on in my head before I realised a few things:
  • I was ready for a new career
  • I had a variety of experience in the world of work; different organisational cultures and working styles, which would be invaluable to others in shaping their careers
  • I had experienced the value of coaching for myself
  • I loved helping people realise their goals and develop their skills.

Ultimately, it was time to move on and develop a new business, with a new identity and a renewed sense of purpose.

I was lucky enough to be coached as part of my professional development on two separate occasions.  The first occasion gave me a greater sense of worth and my own capabilities.  I was then more effective and confident.  The second shook me out of procrastination and into action by helping me overcome my fear of making a major change.  Consequently, I had the courage to leave the relative certainty of full-time employment and came to relish the unpredictability of life as a freelance contractor.

Coaching helps you see beyond your laptop
Coaching helps you see the world beyond your laptop

From my own experience as both coach and coachee, I know that coaches are catalysts.  They spark you into action by helping you organise your thoughts.  They provide a means for you to develop fresh perspective on yourself and your situation.   They challenge your false assumptions and limiting beliefs so you don’t get stuck in a vortex of growing frustration and diminishing confidence.  The longer you’re stuck, the harder it is to do what you know deep down you need to do.  That is just how I felt before I went contracting.  My coach got me out of that state and I never looked back.  Who wouldn’t want to be a coach when you can have that sort of impact on others?

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world”

(John Le Carré)

So I am now in my third career a coach.  I continue to be coached because the ability to share ideas and issues with someone who offers new perspectives and challenges your thinking through careful questioning is invaluable.  Coaching never fails to provide clarity or energise me into action with a renewed sense of purpose.  I know my clients feel the same.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth”
(Sir John Whitmore)

So if you are feeling stuck and need energy to make a change to your career, talk to me and with humour and humanity, I will help you move on.  I work with young professionals needing support with development plans and the recruitment process, seasoned executives looking for a new challenge, and those wanting the tools and feedback to get better results where they are right now.  Contact me for a free clarity call on 07990 514537.

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